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East and West meet at India Fashion Week

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East and West meet at India Fashion Week

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Top designers have been showing off their upcoming spring-summer collections at India Fashion Week in New Delhi.

Fashion duo Niket and Jainee mostly used denims for their collection featuring of a mix of short dresses, sarees, and sheer outfits.
The brand is aimed at “modern India” – a combination of ancient culture and Western influence in a warm mix of tradition and modernity.

Pratima Pandey’s collection “Two Sisters” was inspired by Blue Pottery, playing with the connection between the colours blue and white. The designer places emphasis on natural fabrics, relying on craftsmanship and sustainability for her eco-friendly Prama label. Her spring-summer collection, featuring seasonal flowery prints, included frilly gowns, printed jumpsuits and skirts. The fabrics used were mostly light with a lot of silk and cotton, decorated with the designer’s trademark intricate embroidery.

And finally Rajdeep Ranawat’s “Tropical” show featured bright colours and motifs. Nets, sequins, shimmer and bold prints were used in this collection that mixed short and long dresses, sarees, cropped pants and jumpsuits.

Ranawat says he draws direct inspiration from Nature, fusing European culture in terms of colors and embroidery and Eastern charm with an added touch of vintage in the design.

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