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  • The United States are going to provide air support to rebels as they fight against ISIL; they will also provide weapons, communications gear and ammunitions along with training focused on unit leaders
  • United Nations security council authorizes European naval mission to seize and dispose of people-smuggling vessels in Lybia high seas
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Hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims have been arriving at Mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia for the end of the Hajj pilgrimage.

Arriving on foot, by bus and by train, they came from from nearby Mina where most had spent the night following in the footsteps of Prophet Mohammed 14 centuries ago.

There are about two million Muslims taking part in Hajj , the numbers down on last year.

The Saudi government has imposed a 20% reduction on quotas of people from abroad and 50% within Saudi Arabia over fears of infections from the MERS virus. There have been more than 50 deaths from the disease in the country. Later on Monday the pilgrims will have prayers and listen to a sermon from Saudi cleric Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh.
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