Top US tourist sites reopen as states do deals over shutdown

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Top US tourist sites reopen as states do deals over shutdown

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Some of America’s most famous tourist sites are reopening again this weekend despite the government shutdown.

Individual states struck a deal with the federal government and agreed to pay for the attractions from their own budgets or other funds.

The Grand Canyon will open for seven days at a cost of nearly half a million euros.

Private donations will go towards opening the Mount Rushmore monument honouring US presidents.

Liberty Island National Park will cost New York state 45,000 euros a day to operate.

It is unlikely to be reimbursed but New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the park’s closure had had “a terrible impact on the local economy and tourism industry”.

Colorado and Utah have reached similar deals to open their attractions.

The shutdown since October 1 has kept visitors out of 401 attractions across the US.

Despite more talks, Republican congressional leaders and Barack Obama have failed to break their fiscal deadlock.

Republicans have refused to pass a new budget unless the president delays or stops funding healthcare reforms – something the White House has ruled out.

The US also risks default if the debt limit is not raised by October 17.