Iconic singer Piaf honoured 50 years after death

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Iconic singer Piaf honoured 50 years after death

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Exactly half a century after her death, the legendary singer Edith Piaf is being honoured by her native France and fans from across the world.

Some travelled to the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris where she was laid to rest after dying from cancer in 1963, aged 47.

“Everyone knows Edith Piaf, even those who don’t speak French,” said one fan, Christine, who explained that she had grown up listening to Piaf’s songs.

Another fan, Luke, from Quebec in Canada, said:
“When I discovered Edith Piaf, I fell in love with the person. I read a lot of books, spent a lot of money to buy her music, to learn, just to have some more news about that person.”

At the church in the working-class district of Paris where she was baptised as a child, a memorial service was held for Piaf, who was known as the “Little Sparrow”.

She had a famously troubled and turbulent life but 50 years on her music is still going strong.

An Edith Piaf festival continues in Paris until Sunday.