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France's pension reform struggle


France's pension reform struggle

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France has been given two more years by the European Commission to get its finances in order but how can it find a way out of its public debt trap? This edition of Reporter looks at how the French feel about impending reforms to the pension system.

BONUS 1: BERNARD FONTANEL (President, MEDEF Lyon-Rhône) sets out why France needs pension reforms (french language link)
Interview bonus : Bernard Fontanel, Président MEDEF Lyon-Rhône

BONUS 2: BRUNO BOUVIER (Secretary General, CGT Rhône-Alpes) says the European Commission is wrongly imposing austerity on France (french language link)
Interview bonus : Bruno Bouvier, Secrétaire général CGT Rhône-Alpes

BONUS 3: LAURENT BERGER (Secretary General, CFDT) believes without pension system reform France’s deficit will go beyond 21 billion euros (french language link)
Interview bonus : Laurent Berger, Secrétaire général CFDT

BONUS 4: JEAN-CLAUDE MAILLY (Secretary General, Force Ouvrière) explains why France should not extend its pension contribution payments (french language link)
Interview bonus : Jean-Claude Mailly, Secrétaire général FO

BONUS 5: JACQUES BICHOT is one of France’s leading pension scheme experts (french language link)
Interview bonus : Jacques Bichot, Professeur émérite d‘économie

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