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New automated driving technology


New automated driving technology

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It’s the latest in automated driving.

Ford has been testing its “Obstacle Avoidance” technology, which allows the car’s automated system to take over from the driver and control the vehicle to avoid a hazard.

If the vehicle detects a danger, like a pedestrian or a stationary vehicle, it uses Wi-Fi technology to communicate with other vehicles in the vicinity – alerting them to the potential danger.

“As technologies advance and the ability to inter-connect vehicles to each other as well as inter-connect vehicles to the infrastructure around them advances, you’ll see the ability more and more to provide features that make the journey more intuitive for our customers, make them safer and make it more enjoyable,” says Barb Samardzich, vice president of Product Development at Ford Europe.

Other innovative technology currently being tested is the “Fully Assisted Parking Aid”. Ultrasonic sensors detect a vacant parking spot. The system is activated by the driver either from the inside or from the outside by remote control. The vehicle is then automatically maneuvered into the parking space thanks to the “Fully Assisted Parking Aid” system which takes over steering, gear selection, and forward and reverse motion.

And Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel swapped his racing car for something a bit less velocious as he unveiled Nissan’s next generation yellow cab. The NV200 has been chosen to replace the Big Apple’s ageing fleet and is scheduled to hit the streets of New York at the end of October.

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