Cannes plays host to the latest trends in entertainment

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Cannes plays host to the latest trends in entertainment

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It is showbiz time again in Cannes but instead of the film festival it’s MipCom, a forum for the entertainment market.

It is an event which is growing in importance for people such as Naomi Campbell who has turned up to promote her American television series “The Face.”

Reporting from Cannes euronews correspondent Giovanni Magi said:

“With TV programmes rapidly approaching cinema quality, it is inevitable that the market for television content attracts more and more celebrities off the big screen.”

MipCom is not just for the stars, the event provides people involved in all aspects of TV, film and audiovisual production to discover future trends, something which actors such as Andy McDowell, appreciate:
“You have great producers, directors, actors, in every part in the field of creativity working in television as well and this expands the horizon for creativity and it’s nice for the public because it brings it all into their homes.”

With over 13 000 delegates pushing their productions, the next must see show will be coming to your TV soon.