Brazilian book bonanza in Frankfurt followed by the favela

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Brazilian book bonanza in Frankfurt followed by the favela

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German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle welcomed Brazil’s Vice-President Michel Temer to the Frankfurt Book Fair as the 65th annual literature fest celebrates Brazilian storytelling.

The government in Brasilia has invested some 6 million euros in theatre, dance, music and video events.

Seventy of the country’s authors are also in Germany, but the rampant economic disparity in Latin America’s largest country could not be papered over.

Brazilian author Luiz Ruffato highlighted the fact millions of people do not have access to the staples of a developed economy. Brazil is due to host the World Cup and Olympic Games in the near future: “We are still a country where housing, education, health and recreation are not the right of all, but the right of the few,” he said.

Best selling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho refused to attend the “An Homage to Paper show.” He said he had never heard of 50 of the 70 writers and the choice was unrepresentative of the exciting literary scene in Brazil.