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Sluggish world economy threatens growth in Asia-Pacific region


Sluggish world economy threatens growth in Asia-Pacific region

Asia-Pacific leaders have warned that global growth is too fragile and have vowed to do all they can to boost growth.

At the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Bali delegates are working under the assumption that growth will be slower than expected.

A economic slowdown in India and China is hurting the region as a whole.

The issue of Syria was also on the agenda and Russian President Vladimir Putin outlined the global community’s approach to resolving the crisis: “One of the priorities is not only the liquidation of chemical weapons, but restoring the negotiation process between the conflicting parties, on the basis of the Geneva platform,” Putin said.

US President Barack Obama cancelled attending the summit – due to the partial government shutdown in Washington.

He was expected to be involved in negotiations to set up a 12-nation free trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


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