Hungary: university attempts to ban flip-flops and mini-skirts

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Hungary: university attempts to ban flip-flops and mini-skirts

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Flip-flops, miniskirts and heavy make up have all been banned under a dress code introduced at Hungary’s Kaposvar University.

Many students have been objecting to being told what they can and cannot wear and are continuing to dress in the banned clothing.

Last week, a group went further: attending an arts class wearing nothing at all. An amateur video was filmed, showing students covering their bodies with nothing but their study materials.

Teacher Virag Csapo, who took part in the naked protest told euronews: “I would wear flip-flops and mini-skirts myself before. I think it’s outrageous that in 40 degrees of heat I’m being told I have to cover up from head to toe.”

Some students have argued that the rules are not only restrictive, but could also create a lot of discomfort on hot summer days – especially in areas that have no air conditioning.

Kaposvar University’s Rector Ferenc Szavai, insisted that new regulations were fitting, telling euronews: “This is a community in which we all need to respect each other by wearing the right clothes.”

Amid some talk at the university that a compromise solution might be reached, euronews Andrea Hajagos reported from the campus: “It’s not clear what the consequences of the action will be, whether changes will be made.”