Fighting continues in Syria ahead of planned peace talks in Geneva.

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Fighting continues in Syria ahead of planned peace talks in Geneva.

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Anti-regime activists in Syria say government forces have continued to shell civilian areas of Daraa, in the southwest.

Video footage uploaded to YouTube appears to show rebels firing on government positions and parts of the city being shelled

In the Idlib region in Northwest Syria rebels launched a major assault on two key military bases, killing 10 soldiers.

Syria’s main opposition group in exile, the Syrian National Coalition, has been laying out its conditions for taking part in the Geneva II peace conference.

The US and Russia want to bring together the opposition and the Syrian government to talk about a possible transitional government.

The SNC says Arab countries must be present as negotiators and it rejected any involvement by Iran.

Ahmad al-Jarba, the SNC president said: “We have requested that before any negotiation process, the Arab and Islamic states must be present to oversee it, especially countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan.”

Meanwhile President Assad has been praised by the US for starting to destroy his chemical weapons arsenal. The opposition say the world is simply giving more time to Assad to kill more people with conventional weapons.