Obama and Congress leaders still deadlocked over shutdown despite talks

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Obama and Congress leaders still deadlocked over shutdown despite talks

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President Barack Obama has held talks with congressional leaders in a bid to end the government shutdown, but with no positive result.

Both sides ended up blaming each other with Obama refusing to negotiate while the Republicans continue to hold the budget hostage over his Obamacare.

Republican John Boehner who is the Speaker of the House of Representatives said after the talks:

“ All we are asking for here is a discussion and fairness for the American people under Obamacare. I would hope that the president and my Democratic colleagues in the Senate will listen to the American people and sit down and have a serious discussion about resolving these differences.”

The shutdown fight is rapidly merging with a higher-stakes battle due later this month over the government’s borrowing power.

“For the the good of the order and for the confidence of the American people we should take the debt ceiling debate off the table, the United States of America will always honour the full faith and credit of our country,” said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

While the politicians argue, anger is growing. Government departments across the country have closed due to the stalemate over the spending bill.

Our correspondent in Washington Stefan Grobe warned about the impact the stalemate is having on ordinary families:

“In the political battle where so much is at stake it’s hard to see an easy way out and there will be casualties. The first ones are the hundreds and thousands of federal employees and their families. They have bills, rents and mortgages to pay. Every passing day without salary pushes them closer to the brink.”