Angry US government workers slam Congress for partial shutdown

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Angry US government workers slam Congress for partial shutdown

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The feeling among hundreds of thousands of now non-working US government workers is one of anger.

After Congress plunged the nation into a partial shutdown many are smarting at being deemed either ‘essential or non-essential’, dictating whether they will still get paid.

Some turned up at work just to turn off their computers.

“I have to come in and shut myself down and go home again and I don’t know how long I will be not working. And I just feel like Congress isn’t doing their job,” said Federal worker Jan Goodwin.

There were no complementary words for the politicians, most were condemning them for being out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent.

Paul Sacker, a senior environmental engineer for the Environmental Protection Agency was particularly annoyed:

“I’m going to have to dig into my savings to pay my mortgage, my bills, my daughter is in college. The mainstream Republicans and Democrats, they need to do more. They really need to understand what the average American citizen goes through on a daily basis and why we have to work for a living because I don’t think they understand that right now. So I blame them all.”

Even the iconic Statue of Liberty has been shut along with other famous landmarks, museums and national parks. Tourists joining US workers in feeling the full effect of a US closed for business.