'Besharam' born to be Bollywood box-office blockbuster

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'Besharam' born to be Bollywood box-office blockbuster

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‘Besharam’ is a new action-comedy featuring Bollywood mega-star, Ranbir Kapoor.

He has long been one of India’s most celebrated and well paid actors, with estimated annual earnings of over eight million euros.

All a far cry from his role in this movie, where Kapoor plays the part of a morally-loose street-smart Delhi mechanic who lives in a local orphanage.

As he explained, it was an enjoyable role: “It is a comedy and the character I play is a bit over the top, flamboyant, vulgar, repulsive, so it was fun playing it. I don’t think I would really label it as a comedy, it’s still your quintessential Hindi entertaining film. It has the comedy, the romance, the drama, the action. It’s basically taking the piss out of yourself. It’s quite exciting because it is a new genre for me. “

In the movie, Ranbir Kapoor stars opposite his real-life parents – Indian acting giants, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor – who play a police couple on the hunt to track him down.

But it seems what could have been a potentially terrifying family experience actually proved a lot of fun for everyone involved. He found it much easier than he had feared: “My preconceived notion was that it would scary. I thought I would screw up in front of them and not be able to say my dialogue right. Just the fact that they are my parents. But I think they themselves are such great actors, hard-working, passionate actors, that when we came on set everybody surrendered to their own parts and I think it was a good experience. Also the dynamic between our characters was comedic; they’re playing cops, I’m playing a robber, so it was like spy vs spy. It was fun to do.”

With nearly 4.5 million YouTube hits for the trailer already, the film feels guaranteed to be a smash-hit. The fact it is directed by the great Abhinav Kashyap also helps. His 2010 directorial debut ‘Dabangg’ remains one of the highest–grossing Bollywoods film of all time.

‘Besharam’ is out in India and the UK now.