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Syria: President al-Assad says his country will respect UN accords on chemical weapons

29/09/13 21:35 CET

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has confirmed he will comply with UN chemical weapons accords.

He was speaking in an interview with an Italian news channel in which he also said he believes the recent phone call between US President Barack Obama and Iran’s new President Hassan Rohani could have a positive effect on the region.

“We joined the international agreement for preventing the use and the acquirement of chemical weapons before that resolution came to light. The main part of the Russian initiative based on our will to do so. So, it’s not about the resolution, actually it’s about our will,” he said.

The UN Security Council’s resolution, which was adopted on Friday, demands the complete destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons but it does not threaten automatic punitive action if the government does not comply. Assad added Syria complies with every treaty it signs.

Chemical weapon inspectors in Syria are expected to complete their work on Monday. They investigated seven cases of alleged chemical or biological weapons use including three incidents around Damascus. Their report is scheduled to be issued late next month.

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