Still going strong - Cher releases new album

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Still going strong - Cher releases new album

Still going strong - Cher releases new album
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Sixty-seven years young and not a visible wrinkle in sight. Cher is releasing her new album “Closer to the Truth”.

It is the American pop icon’s first full-length album in 12 years and her 26th studio album.

The artist claims her lengthy absence from the recording studios is simply down to being absent minded:

“I’m telling you I forgot. I didn’t remember to record,” she said. “It just didn’t occur to me. It wasn’t even like a burning thing. I didn’t even think that people would be interested. I mean, I didn’t actually think about it.”

Few artists have managed to survive for so long in the music business. Cher has not only survived – she has thrived, becoming a long-standing name in disco with chart-toppers like “Dark Lady” in 1974 all the way to “Believe” in 1999.

After more than five decades in the music business, Cher has lost none of her steam, describing this album as her “best effort ever”.

“I was terrified as usual,” she said about recording the album. “But I walked in and stood in front of the microphone and I think 90 minutes later, it was done. I’m pretty fast, but that’s very fast, even for me.”

Cher’s new album includes the Paul Oakenfold-produced single “Woman’s World,” a disco-pop ode to strong women, and also features songs written by pop star Pink.

“Closer to the Truth” is out now.

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