Spain to discuss time change to improve productivity

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Spain to discuss time change to improve productivity

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A parliamentary commission in Spain looks set to approve a report suggesting the country switches its time zone back in line with that of Britain.

The decision to change the hour was originally taken during World War II so that Franco’s Spain could be in step with Nazi Germany.

Many believe the change has had a dramatic effect on Spanish eating, sleeping and work productivity.

Ignacio Buqueras is a campaigner for the hour change:“We are the European leader in the number of working hours, at the same time we are less productive.

Carlos Garcia a Madrid lawyer sees the advantages: “In terms of profitability, we see the difference. People work better, and are more productive and more concentrated. Sometimes they come back in the afternoon after a two hour lunch and that is too much.”

The commission says the move will shorten the Spanish working day to the traditional British 9 to 5. It also claims the move will improve family life.

The report is non-binding but will be forwarded to the government for consideration.