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"Prisoners" sees Jackman and Gyllenhaal storm the box office


"Prisoners" sees Jackman and Gyllenhaal storm the box office

Off to a flyer at the US box office “Prisoners” is a dad-seeks-daughter’s-kidnappers thriller starring Hugh Jackman, which sees the Australian-born star cement his box-office appeal.

He says he took the part instantly and that it offers a chance to get under the skin of an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances.

“It’s pretty easy in a way and difficult at the same time to go to those places because, for a parent, you see on the TV news a situation like this and you feel it in the pit in your stomach. It’s something that’s very easy for all of us to kind of key into,” says Jackman.

Adding his inimitable angst, in which he’s rather cornered the market of late, is Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays the detective assigned to the case.

“It’s important not to shy away from these things. That’s what’s so wonderful about making movies and getting to be a person who gets to make them or be a part of them. It’s to try and face certain things and to try and express yourself most honestly which is not always, hopefully, filled with light and dark,” he says.

“Prisoners” tops the US box office after just one weekend on screen. Will it be this season’s “Taken”? We will see.

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