Kenya mall survivor played dead to escape 'inhuman terrorists'

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Kenya mall survivor played dead to escape 'inhuman terrorists'

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International experts from several western countries including Britain have arrived at the scene of the Nairobi shopping centre attack to join the investigation into how militants planned their operation.

The Kenyan Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku has said forensic investigators have been looking for clues to identify victims and gunmen.

One survivor, radio presenter Sneha Kothari Mashru, has described how she played dead to survive what she called “inhuman” terrorists “shooting at everyone”.

“I was next to this teenage boy who lay down there, he seemed hurt,” she said. “What I decided to do is, because they were randomly shooting at everyone, they were very inhuman, they were heartless people. So I took a lot of his blood, [as] much [as] I could and I tried to put it on myself. I put it on my arm, a lot of the teenager’s blood, and while I was trying to put it on my hand I just realised that he had stopped breathing at that time. So I put it on my arm, as much as I could, and I covered my face with my hair, because my hair was let loose even then, just to pretend that I’m dead or probably badly injured.”

The Kenyan Red Cross has set up a counselling centre in the grounds of the mortuary where families are trying to identify their relatives.

The authorities have said many bodies are awaiting examination and will only be released after post mortems.

The Islamist al-Shabaab group has said the attack was in retaliation for Kenyan military operations in Somalia.

Kenya is there as part of an African Union force supporting Somali government forces.