Fuel subsidy protests in Sudan claim more victims in Khartoum

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Fuel subsidy protests in Sudan claim more victims in Khartoum

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Violence during protests against fuel subsidy cuts in Sudan has left more than two dozen dead, according to one source.

A medic at a Khartoum hospital has been quoted as saying it has the bodies of 27 people killed in the trouble.

Reports in international media also speak of similar numbers of casualties.

Thousands of demonstrators torched cars and petrol stations in the centre of the capital yesterday.

Police fired tear gas to try to disperse them.

The state-linked Sudanese Media Centre quoted a state governor as saying the violence was premeditated. Rioters were accused of looting banks and stores and attacking power stations.

Reports said schools in Khartoum state have been closed until September 30.

Internet access went down across the country, although the cause was not immediately clear. A private sector telecoms official told the Reuters news agency the government had cut off internet without consulting telecoms firms.

The protests erupted earlier this week when the government announced another round of cuts to fuel subsidies, causing petrol prices to soar.

Sudan’s economy has been in crisis since it lost around three quarters of its oil output to South Sudan – which broke away and became independent in 2011.

The Arab-African country has long suffered insurgencies in its poor regions but this is the worst unrest in the capital for years.