Kenya mourns but president says militants are defeated

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Kenya mourns but president says militants are defeated

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Kenya has begun three days of mourning for at least 67 victims of Saturday’s storming of a Nairobi shopping mall by armed Islamists.

When troops swept through the complex, five of the militants were apparently killed. Kenyan officials say they have arrested 11 others.

However it remains unclear how many more hostages may have died with the gunmen during the four-day siege.

Declaring the operation against the militants over, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta made a televised address:

“Our confrontation with the terrorists at the Westgate mall left 240 casualties. I report with great sadness that 61 civilians lost their lives in the attack. Six security officers also made the ultimate sacrifice to defeat the criminals.”

But bodies are still apparently buried beneath rubble when three floors of part of the mall collapsed – whether hostages or gunmen – it is unknown.

The confusion over the figures is adding to the stress of families who just want confirmation of what happened to their loved ones.

Somalia’s al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab movement has claimed responsibility but reports that American and British nationals took part in the attack are unconfirmed