Iran makes UN nuclear overture as Brazil blasts US spying

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Iran makes UN nuclear overture as Brazil blasts US spying

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Making his debut at the United Nations, Iran’s new president has said that his country is willing to engage in “time-bound’ talks” on its nuclear programme.

It is the latest overture to the West from Hassan Rohani who also exchanged handshakes with French leader François Hollande. Despite speculation, a meeting with President Barack Obama didn’t come off.

The annual General Assembly ‘s opening speech, by Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff, saw a blistering attack on the United States and its surveillance techniques. Last week, she called off a high-profile state visit to the US over reports that its National Security Agency had spied on Brazil and her e-mails.

Announcing that Brazil would adopt legislation and technology to protect it from electronic espionage, she said: “Information and telecommunication technologies cannot be the new battlefield between states. The time is ripe to create the conditions to prevent cyberspace from being used as a weapon of war. The United Nations must play a leading role in the effort to regulate the conduct of states with regard to these technologies.”

The reports alleging National Security Agency spying featured on Brazil Globo’s news programme Fantastico. They were based on documents that a Rio de Janiero-based journalist for Britain’s Guardian newspaper obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.