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  • MH17 report: investigation has identified “persons of interest” in MH17 downing
  • Twitter announces 336 job losses, 8% of its workforce
  • MH17 report: passengers of flight MH17 who were not killed by missile were unconscious within moments
  • Russia disagrees with the MH17 report’s conclusions about the type of warhead and missile and dsays Ukraine should have closed the airspace over its east region
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Selena Gomez’s new film “Getaway” has been the worst reviewed film of 2013.

Ethan Hawke plays a former race car driver who is made to get behind the wheel and follow orders from a mysterious voice in order to save his kidnapped wife.

Along the way he picks up a passenger, played by Gomez, who helps him in his race against time. The film was shot in two parts, in the Bulgarian capital Sofia and in Atlanta, Georgia.

“It was fun. It was tedious. There were moments where we would have to get out of the car and do something just to get water, talk to other people,” said Gomez.

“It was a little bit like, you know, driving 12 hours a day for a month. You get sick of being in a car.” (pause) “But we had some fun. It was all night long and the streets of eastern Europe are pretty empty,” said Hawke.

“Getaway” opened late August in Australia and in the United States and has so far been universally slammed by film critics.

The nail-biting tension throughout the film, they say, doesn’t come from the plot but from the rhetorical question viewers will be asking: “Is this the worst film I’ve seen this year?”

But all is not lost – “Getaway” is a leading contender in the Worst Movie category for the upcoming Razzie Awards.

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