Argentine priest jailed for sexually abusing teenager

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Argentine priest jailed for sexually abusing teenager

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An Argentine court has sent a Roman Catholic priest to prison immediately to serve a 15-year sentence for sexually abusing a teenage boy.

Julio César Grassi was convicted four years ago for abuse at his “Happy Children Foundation”.

Last week the Supreme Court upheld the jail term after the 57-year-old was found to have breached his house arrest conditions.

He strongly denies the abuse.

“The experts said clearly that I do not have any of the features of a paedophile. No trace of paedophilia,” he told the court. “The prosecution lawyer is lying.”

Allegations against Reverend Grassi surfaced more than ten years ago.

Later he continued to live opposite the Foundation despite accusations that he had abused several children there.

Charges concerning all but one boy were dismissed for lack of evidence.

Outside the court angry supporters of the priest lashed out at the press after the sentence was confirmed.