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Youtube sensation Bernhoft moves to NY

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Youtube sensation Bernhoft moves to NY

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Norwegian singer and songwriter Jarle Bernhoft is a multi-talented one-man band whose YouTube performance got over 5 million views.

For most of his musical career, Bernhoft was part of a band. He is currently writing his third solo album, which he says follows in the footsteps of previous work in which he addresses the global recession.

“I’m starting to take into account the fact that I’m traveling solo. I’m traveling alone or playing alone for the most part of the time. And I need to kind of take that into account when I’m writing songs, which up until now I haven’t done. I’m trying to write songs for a huge band, then trying to translate them into this strange little one-man act,” he said.

Bernhoft is planning to move with his family to New York to soak up America’s soul music tradition. He is also firmly politically engaged as an artist:

“I’ve been able to sit down for the last year and write. It’s been very much into that kind of continuation of ‘The Solidarity’ (Breaks) thoughts I had on my last album, but updated into Europe post-2008, what’s happening and what’s going on. (…) I’m very much occupied with an idea of equality, an idea of solidarity, an idea that everyone should be given a chance regardless of how they look or where they come from. In a sense, being a Norwegian playing soul music is kind of strange,” said Bernhoft.

Bernhoft embarks on a US tour at the end of October.

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