Typhoon Usagi brings havoc to Hong Kong and southern China

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Typhoon Usagi brings havoc to Hong Kong and southern China

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The world’s strongest typhoon this year has killed at least 25 people in southern China and paralysed Hong Kong’s airport, leaving hundreds of travellers stranded.

Typhoon Usagi – which means “rabbit” in Japanese – swept through Guangdong province, bringing heavy rain and winds of more than 180 kilometres an hour.

Trees were toppled and cars blown off roads.

In Hong Kong some ventured outdoors despite official government advice to stay at home and take precautions.

In Fujian province more than 80,000 people were reportedly moved to safety with authorities deploying at least 50,000 emergency workers.

Usagi first hit Taiwan and the Philippines on Saturday, causing two deaths and depriving tens of thousands of power.

The typhoon struck the Chinese coast on Sunday night, battering the city of Shanwei.

For some in Hong Kong, which was spared the worst effects of the typhoon, the experience was more like a theme park as they gathered by the pier to be drenched by spray from enormous waves crashing against the wall.

Usagi was downgraded to a tropical storm on Monday morning, leaving plenty of chaos in its wake.