Kenyan attack survivors tell their story

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Kenyan attack survivors tell their story

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Kenya is a country in shock with survivors telling their tales of how they managed to escape death at the West Gate Shopping Mall in Nairobi.

Among those lucky enough to get out alive was 13 year-old Rutvik Patel who is recovering in hospital. His uncle Lalit Patel explained how “he had gone to the mall after school and then the terrorists had entered” soon after. “The firing had started and, to escape, he broke a glass barrier and jumped 15 feet” to safety, he added.

Images of the radical Islamist attack have been broadcast across the world. Businessman Michael Muturi fears that Kenya may suffer economically because of it.

“It was bad because it is affecting so many people and businesses are losing a lot of money and people are traumatised. We should pursue them until we finish Al-Shabab,” he said.

Australian national Heide Edwards found the exit soon after the militants entered the mall:

“I decided to try the staff door, and luckily that was unlocked so we got like a few, quite a few people through there, closed that and just ran,” she told.

Nairobi will take time to recover from the worst attack to affect the country since an al-Qaeda bomb killed 200 at the US embassy in 1998.