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Merkel's coalition partner fails to get any seats in Bundestag


Merkel's coalition partner fails to get any seats in Bundestag

A bitter blow for Germany’s liberal party the FDP.

Based on exit polls they have failed to reach the five percent needed to get seats in parliament.

Early results put them at 4.7 percent – their worst result since they were created in 1948. If the final results match the exit polls, which are normally viewed as an accurate prediction, it would be the fist time the FDP has not made it into the Bundestag.

FDP Leader and German  Economy Minister Philip Rosler, told his party he would take full responsibility:

“I have taken on the lead for this party during a difficult time. And despite some regional state elections won, which our colleagues can be proud of, I didn’t manage in the end to achieve what we needed for the federal elections. Therefore of course I am personally going to take on political responsibility, no question.”

Rosler added: “This should be the message of today. It’s a bitter defeat, but it will motivate us to win over and convince and inspire all the people, who think and feel liberal, and want to act in this way in the future.”

It means Angela Merkel will now be looking for a new coalition party to rule with.


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