People pay their respects to stabbing victim in Athens suburb

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People pay their respects to stabbing victim in Athens suburb

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A makeshift memorial, candles and flowers decorate the spot in an Athens suburb where Pavlos Fissas the anti-fascist activist and rapper known as Killah P was stabbed to death.

Mourners have been gathering throughout Thursday to pay their respects. The atmosphere was in stark contrast to the night before when protesters who staged anti-fascist demonstrations in the dead man’s memory clashed with police.

A suspect reportedly a sympathiser with the far right political party Golden Dawn has already appeared in court.

“The fact that Golden Dawn has become what it has should make our politicians, who have been ruling for decades, think. If they had been more careful, this phenomenon would not have become important and we would not have such results,” was one person’s reaction while another said: “These things are very sad from wherever they may come from. A death will always remain a death especially when it’s a young person.”

The killing has touched a raw nerve throughout Greece and has been condemned from across Greece’s political spectrum and abroad. Later today a demonstration will be held in Brussels.

Golden Dawn has denied it was involved in the attack.