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Thousands stranded as heavy downpours flood Acapulco airport


Thousands stranded as heavy downpours flood Acapulco airport

A torrential three-day downpour has flooded Acapulco airport causing chaos and stranding some of the 40,000 tourists visiting Mexico’s famous beach resort.

Eventually when the rains eased some flights were able to take off. Those getting away were leaving behind them hotels where food was in short supply and had to be rationed and cash machines failed to work due to power cuts.

For locals the suffering continued with long queues at supermarkets which had mainly empty shelves due to prior panic buying.

Thousands of people have had to seek safety in temporary shelters after homes were swept away or buried beneath landslides.

Mexico has been battered by heavy rains and strong winds due to being hit from two sides by converging weather systems. At least 55 people have died. The government has now ordered a house-by- house census to account for everyone.

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