Train and bus in fatal collision in Ottawa, Canada

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Train and bus in fatal collision in Ottawa, Canada

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A passenger train and a double-decker bus have collided at a level crossing in Ottawa, Canada. Authorities said six people were killed.

All the fatalities happened on the bus with the driver and four passengers confirmed dead at the scene, another died later in hospital.

One of the passengers on the train described what happened: “I didn’t hear much, all I saw, all I felt was a bump and then I saw smoke and we were going off the tracks, I thought we were going to flip over. People were just shocked because it happened so suddenly, I was doing a bit of work and all of a sudden it just happened, you don’t expect it.”

Local media report that witnesses claim the bus appeared not to slow down as it approached the barrier.

Passengers on-board the double-decker said the vehicle just continued on with people screaming to the driver to stop. The exact details are yet to be confirmed.

Thirty one people have been taken to hospital, 11 are said to be in a critical condition.

No one on the train was injured in the crash, according to authorities.