Turkey: Riot police confront anti-government protesters

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Turkey: Riot police confront anti-government protesters

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Riot police have moved in with tear gas and water cannon, as anti-government protests continue across Turkey.

Demonstrations in Instanbul, Hatay and Ankara have been stoked by the recent death of a 22-year-old demonstrator in disputed circumstances.

Protesters claim Ahmet Atakan died at the hands of the police, with witnesses saying he suffered a strike to the head.

But the authorities say he fell from a building and have used video footage to back up their case.

The latest unrest is not on the same scale as the weeks of rioting which rocked Turkey in the summer.

In Ankara, protesters have also been turning out to vent their anger over the construction of a new cultural centre. It is set to house a Sunni mosque alongside a prayer house for the minority Alevi community – who are Shiite Muslims.

It has sparked criticism that the state is trying to control Shiite residents.