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'Planes' landing at a cinema near you soon

'Planes' landing at a cinema near you soon

First ‘Cars’ now ‘Planes’ as the Disney franchise takes off again to tell the story of Dusty Crophopper, a turbo prop who dreams of life as a high-flying racer.

‘Desperate Housewives’ star Teri Hatcher voices the character of Dottie, a forklift truck who helps Dusty realise his racing dream.

Hatcher was delighted to play the role, and appreciated that it was not given to a male actor: “I actually really like that I got to play this great mechanic, because that character could easily have been a boy and I think it’s wonderful that she’s a girl. That she’s a good friend to a boy, but it’s not flirtatious, they’re just good friends and that she takes care of him, that she’s smart and capable and a realist, but also caring and warm and loving and supportive, and it’s a lot of things to wrap up in a character.”

Monty Python star and creator of the Basil Fawlty character John Cleese, plays the part of another racer, Bulldog and loved it.

He explained: “I think what attracts us acting folk to animated movies is the very fact that it’s pitched at kids so it’s basically a simple and happy world and nothing gets too complicated, but also there are jokes in there for the parents. So you’re entertaining the kids and the parents at the same time, which is an extraordinary thing to be able to do and I think you feel very good about that. And I can’t think of anything nicer than making a movie that the whole family can go to.”

‘Planes’ will be landing at a cinema near you soon.

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