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New chemistry sets Urban's 'Fuse' album alight

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New chemistry sets Urban's 'Fuse' album alight

Despite the massive commercial success of ‘Get Closer’, Keith Urban has decided to dramatically shake up his production team for his new album, ‘Fuse’.

The New Zealand-born and Australian-raised musician has brought in new producers from the pop and country worlds, performed duets with Eric Church and Miranda Lambert, and worked with new songwriters.

He said he felt like the time was right for a change: “I felt like it was good to work with people I had never worked with before. And I really started it from the ground up; co-writing with people I had never written with, recording with musicians I had never played with, in studios I had never been in, with engineers I never worked with, with producers I had never worked with. I just threw myself into completely uncharted territory.”

But should fans expect anything radically different from an artist known for his formatted slick-as-oil performances and mainstream arena-rock riffs? Urban says yes and no: “I don’t think it’s drastically different. I think my voice is my voice and when I play guitar, the elements that I add to my music – the six-string banjo, my electric guitar playing, my acoustic guitar playing – all these elements are present throughout all of it, giving it a good through line. But there are other energies and sonic elements that are different.”

Urban continues his ‘Light the Fuse’ tour of the US and Canada, which began in July and ends in February, in Nashville.

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