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  • British Prime Minister David Cameron: “Britain will take thousands more refugees from Syria”
  • United Arab Emirates says 22 Emirati soldiers killed during conflict with Houthis in Yemen since March
  • 5,600 migrants have entered FYR of Macedonia via Greece in one day, according to the United Nations
  • Turkish PM Davutoglu says Turkey attempted in vain to convince the world to set up a safe zone inside Syria to stem the flow of refugees
  • Syria: ISIL militants have blown up three ancient tower tombs in Palmyra built between 44 and 103 AD, according to Syria’s antiquities chief
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Fresh from a round of talks with EU officials over the pressing issue of the chemical weapons attack in Syria, US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Paris on Sunday. This time he held a press conference with with the Arab League and Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed Al Attiyah.

Kerry was clear about the international community’s opinion of the attack.
“As we discussed today, all of us agree, with not one dissenter, that Assad’s deplorable use of chemical weapons, which we know killed hundreds of innocent people, including at least 426 children on this occasion, this one occasion, crosses an international, global, red line. And we agree that the regime has a blatant disregard for the institutional norms that the global community has abided by for nearly a century. It is critical that those be upheld.”

Even those who survived the attack in August were left to cope with the debilitating side effects from the neurotoxins. Videos showed them suffering convulsions, twitching muslces and frothing at the mouth.

But many anti-war protestors remain unmoved even by such images. The scars of Iraq and Afghanistan have left many wary of entering another overseas war and are vehemently opposed to the military intervention that Kerry is seeking.

One researcher at the National Institute of Health said at a protest in Washington:
“The fact is that even if Assad is the one who used chemical weapons against his people – and I don’t believe it was him – the answer is never to kill more people.

They may yet get their wish. US President Obama is also pursuing the agenda of a punitive strike against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but first has to go through Congress.

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