Ukraine: changing laws for EU agreement

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Ukraine: changing laws for EU agreement

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The Ukrainian Parliament has adopted a raft of new laws which it hopes will enable it to sign an Association Agreement with Brussels in Lithuania in November.

But yet more changes have to come before a deal, including a draft bill to reduce the power of the Prosecutor’s Office. This will be scrutinised by a group of experts within the Council of Europe known as the Venice Commission.

Oleg Zarubinsky, is from the pro-presidential ‘Party of the Regions’: “We sent the draft law on the Prosecutor’s Office to the European institutions after the first vote. And we expect it to return soon. I’m sure we will adopt it, probably before the summit,” he said.

September 5 was unofficially called European Day in the parliament, showing enthusiasm for the EU.

But the sincerity of some of these legal changes is being questioned.

Ihor Miroshnichenko, is an opposition MP: “I think that many of these draft laws could be just for show. Of course, we’ve adopted all of them because we all want to demonstrate good will vis-à-vis the EU,” he said.

Nonethess, there is alot of work for Ukraine to do, if it wants to be part of the EU.

Euronews correspondent in Vilnius, Maria Korenyuk, says there is still a lot of work to do: “Even though Ukrainian Parliament made a great step toward the EU, it still hasn’t met all the necessary European requirements. The MPs have not dealt with essential reforms such as the electoral legislation and Prosecutors’ Office,” she said.