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Vatican recalls ambassador in Dominican Republic amid accusations of child abuse

05/09/13 08:24 CET

The Vatican has recalled its ambassador to the Dominican Republic after he was accused of sexually abusing children.

Two local TV channels broadcast allegations of paedophilia against Archbishop Josef Wesolowski,who had been nuncio, or ambassador, in the capital, Santo Domingo, for nearly six years.

A spokesman for the Catholic church in the Dominican Republic, Monsignor Agripino Nunez Collado, said that “The law is for everyone” and there was no excuse for anyone who violated the law, “not citizenship, not faith, not creed, not politics, not religion”, saying again “The law is for all.”

Wesolowski will be investigated over the charges of paedophilia by the Holy See as well as by prosecutors in the Dominican Republic.

Pope Francis has previously said that he wants to root out the sexual abuse of children by priests and ensure that abusers are punished.

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