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Ukraine plays host to thousands of pilgrims celebrating Jewish New Year


Ukraine plays host to thousands of pilgrims celebrating Jewish New Year

A small town in Ukraine is the destination for thousands of Jewish worshippers who have come to celebrate Rosh Hashanah – or Jewish New Year.

The pilgrims are mainly Hasidic Jews who have travelled to Uman where a much revered figure, Rabbi Nachman lived and taught his new concepts of Jewish mysticism.

Next to his tomb one of the rabbi’s followers explained his contribution to Jewish teachings:

“He (Rabbi Nachman) chose the 10 paragraphs because when he put them together they had a tremendous amount of power to fix (things) and that God will forgive the sins that people do.”

In other words before dying Rabbi Nachman promised to intercede on behalf of those who prayed at his grave.

The new year festivities run from September 4 – 6 and attract orthodox and secular Jews from around the world.

One American from New York was delighted to be taking part:

“It’s my second time for Rosh Hashanah ; The last time was unbelievable. I definitely had a better year , I was nice at the people and people was nice to me because of the experience we felt over here.”

The main event during the three days is a mass recitation of the prayer of David. But Rosh Hashanah is also about having fun and there is much music, the eating of favourite foods and the imbibing of a drink or two.

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