Syria threatens to overshadow G20 summit

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Syria threatens to overshadow G20 summit

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Leaders of the G20 nations are in Russia’s second city St Petersburg for a summit that is almost certain to be dominated by Syria.

Moscow wants Syria put on the agenda and is unlikely to pull any punches less than three months after being cast as a pariah over its vetoing of a UN resolution.

Following the confirmed use of chemical weapons last month, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has warned that taking military action, without UN approval, would be seen as “an aggression”.

US President Barack Obama has made it clear that the international community’s credibility is on the line if it fails to act. It remains unclear, however, whether the conflict will be put to leaders for formal discussion.

With emerging market issues sure to be on the talks table some eyes will be looking at the so-called “deliverables” – and leaders are expected to sign off on proposals to fight tax avoidance by multi-national companies that were unveiled in July.