Survivors bear witness to Syria gas attack

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Survivors bear witness to Syria gas attack

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As the world discusses how to react to last month’s suspected chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus, people are coming forward with their versions of what happened that day in August.

Witnesses have said they were unable to flee at first due to Syrian army bombardments. But eventually some did get out.

A Danish television company has tracked down two sisters Umme Mohammad and Umme Mustafa who fled to Lebanon.

“I woke up with chest tightness. It felt as if I was going to throw up, but I did not. I was not hit as hard as the others. My cousin got cramps and tremors,” said Umme Mohammad.

Her sister added: “We were on the fourth floor, but people who were lower down in the building were all dead.”

Their story cannot be independently verified, but the women described seeing people dying in the streets, unable to be treated. Both said they had lost several members of their family including children.