Bulgaria's parliament returns to work amid cacophony

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Bulgaria's parliament returns to work amid cacophony

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Bulgarians have been protesting against their government for months now, so with the return of parliament for its autumn session they came out in their hundreds in front of the assembly building in Sofia to remind MPs they were not going anywhere.

The opposition leader came out to meet them and get up close and personal as the crowd chanted “resign” and “mafia”. Almost ever since the new administration took office in May many have been convinced the Socialist-led coalition is busy lining its own pockets.

Several hundred government supporters staged a march of their own but the government, composed of the Socialists and the minority Turkish MRF party can barely muster a majority and needs the ultra-nationalist Attack party’s support to stay in office.

The anti-government demonstrators eventually clashed with police, and then blocked one of Sophia’s main roads in a sit-down protest.