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Art imitates life for R&B star John Legend

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Art imitates life for R&B star John Legend

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American R&B star John Legend has made a career out of singing about the ups and downs of love, often in time with his own relationships.

And now the Ohio-born singer is releasing his fourth album Love in the Future and about to tie the knot with his girlfriend, model Chrissy Teigen.

About his latest offering he said: “Now when I write about commitment and beginning something new, it happens to be true. It’s cool to have some of your songs reflect your life. That’s always been the case, but this album I think is particularly relevant to where I am in my life.”

It was American hip hopper and record producer Kanye West who helped Legend break into the music business with his 2004 debut album ‘Get Lifted’. West also co-produced this compilation.

Legend explained West’s role: “He helped curate the whole album in the sense of ‘Oh, you should work with this producer, oh you should check out this beat’. He co-wrote some of the album. So some of the lines on the album, he wrote. He critiqued it as I would bring him different songs and ask for his input and his comments on certain songs. So I sometimes would rewrite certain songs if he thought a verse could use some work.”

As for the wedding itself, Legend would not disclose exactly when it is happening – but said it will be quite simple: “I’m excited to get married, but I look at it as just a fun party where I want my friends to have a great time. I want us to have some good food and drink and good music and just have a good night. I feel like that’s all we have to do, is make sure we do that. I guess we should look good too so the pictures come out nice. But other than that, I feel like it’s no pressure.”

Legend will play one gig in the UK at the end of the month before starting his US tour in October.

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