New London skyscraper blamed for frying temperatures

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New London skyscraper blamed for frying temperatures

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A skyscraper under construction is being blamed for soaring temperatures on the streets of the City of London.

The Walkie-Talkie, as it is widely known because of its curved shape, is reflecting sunlight and scorching all in its path.

Hairdresser Ali Akay who works in a salon opposite the building said: “we could smell burning and we looked at the carpet and realised it was on fire. There was smoke coming out of it and the front door as well.”

Physics professor, Dr. Simon Foster recorded a ground temperature of 92.6 degrees Celsius. He explained the phenomenon: “As the building has a huge curved surface that’s a lot of solar energy that’s being focused on a tiny point, just like a magnifying glass.”

The property’s developers were also forced to pay for damage caused to a Jaguar owner whose car’s mirror, panels and badge all melted from the concentrated heat of sunlight.