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Legal moves are made to undermine Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood


Legal moves are made to undermine Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

The drive to crush the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has intensified after a judicial panel advised taking away its non-governmental organisation status.

While short of a formal ban the move will undermine the legality of the Brotherhood and threatens its future in Egyptian politics.

It comes one day after Mohamed Mursi – the deposed president the movement backed – was referred to trial.

But Egyptians such as Ali Kandil are uncertain as to whether to support the proposal.He says he doesn’t think anyone can eliminate them just by dissolving the party. “President Nasser tried it years ago and all they did was to go and join the international Muslim Brotherhood.”

The panel’s recommendation adds to a whole array of steps taken against the Brotherhood since the army stepped in and removed Mursi. While the group says it’s committed to peaceful resistance, a grenade attack on a police station on Monday has added to fears of a possible Islamist insurgency.


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