Indonesian Muslims protest against Miss World contest

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Indonesian Muslims protest against Miss World contest

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Conservative Muslims have been demonstrating in Jakarta in Indonesia against the forthcoming Miss World pageant in their country.

They carried banners saying in English “Miss World is whore contest” and “Miss World Go to Hell”

The contest is being held at the weekend on the resort island of Bali.

Muhammad Al-Khathath, leader of the Forum Umat Islam declared: “Miss World is a business that is immoral, exploiting female genitalia for sheer profit. It was initially a bikini contest in the UK. That does not fit with the culture and morals of Indonesia.”

Organisers of the pageant have scrapped the bikini round, women will instead wear local sarongs, but that hasn’t been enough to please everyone..

Indonesia’s Clerics Council has called on the government to cancel the event, saying the exposure of skin by women in this way violates Islamic teachings.