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Taliban attack US base in northern Afghanistan

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Taliban attack US base in northern Afghanistan


The second Taliban attack in a week on a NATO base in Afghanistan has added to the alliance’s supply problems. The attack in Nangahar province meant the key road between the provincial capital and Torkham province on the Pakistani border was cut.

Suicide bombers manged to attack an outpost, and three insurgents were killed without managing to penetrate the base itself.

“The attack was in two different locations, the vehicles there were set on fire, three attackers were resisting near the base, all three of them were killed,” said the governor of Mohmandara district Dr. Essa Zwak.

Last week a Polish base in the same province was attacked. It comes as the Taliban intensifies its probing for weak spots ahead of NATO’s 2014 pullout. Civilians have also been targeted in the latest upsurge, which has left dozens of people dead.

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