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  • Putin: risks of serious conflicts involving major countries have risen, as well as risk of arms control treaties being violated – Reuters
  • Russian President Putin calls for talks on internationally acceptable conditions for use of force – Reuters
  • WHO says potential Ebola vaccine manufacturers have made commitments for affordable prices – Reuters
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  • Russian President Putin says global and regional security system has been weakened – Reuters
  • Hundreds of thousands of Ebola vaccines doses will be ready by the first half of 2015, says the World Health Organisation – Reuters
  • Tunisian forces killed six people after a standoff with an Islamist militant group on the outskirts of Tunis – Reuters
  • Poland lodges request with European Court of Human Rights for review of judgment in CIA prisons case – Reuters
  • French fighter jets destroyed 12 buildings in Iraq holding weapons under control of Islamic State militants
  • NATO: Russia still has some troops in eastern Ukraine despite a partial withdrawal – Reuters
Syrian rebels clash with Assad forces in Damascus

As the diplomatic wrangling rages over military action against Syria, fighting on ground appears to be continuing unabated.

A video uploaded to a social media website allegedly showed rebel forces storming a government held position in the Damascus suburb of al-Qalamoun.

Another film purported to show Free Syrian Army members brandishing parts of a Syrian airforce jet they claim to have shot down in the eastern city of Deir al-Zor.

Russian writing could be seen on parts of the wreckage of what was said to have been a MiG fighter.

Meanwhile, thousands of Syrian refugees are continuing to cross the Turkish border in large numbers.

According to Turkey’s Anatolian news agency, nearly eight thousand people entered the country over the last week. But an unknown number without passports are trying to flee the conflict by crossing the mountains.

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