Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister talks to euronews

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Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister talks to euronews

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister talks to euronews
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Fayzal Al Mikdad is the Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria.

Earlier, he joined Euronews via satellite from Damascus.

euronews: “John Kerry has spoken about evidence of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army …”

Al Mikdad: “This evidence is amusing, and I laugh because when I was an ambassador to the Security Council, Colin Powell held up a bottle, which contained white powder.

He said this is the chemical weapon, which the Iraqi regime wants to use to destroy its own people.

Later, we found out this allegation was completely false”.

Euronews: “You question U.S. intelligence reports, but we saw pictures on the internet and on television that show families and children burned by gas and chemical weapons. Have you seen these pictures?”

Al Mikdad: “I can assure you the toxic gas was used by agents of foreign intelligence services and their Syrian proxies.

The whole thing was fabricated by foreign intelligence organisations and Bandar Bin Sultan [the head of Saudi intelligence], he worked as an unimportant spy for US and other Western intelligence organisations.

Syria is innocent of all these charges. Our values ​​do not allow us to commit such acts.

Those images [of people suffering] could be factual, but the people who used the toxic gas are the criminals and terrorists supported by the United States and France and others”.

euronews: “Is it possible Syria could cope with attacks on its strategic and sensitive sites?”

Al Mikdad: “We are not a superpower claiming we are able to confront the American war machine but we will resist and defend the honour and dignity of our citizens as well as the territorial integrity of Syria”.