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'Philomena' grips audiences at Venice Film Festival

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'Philomena' grips audiences at Venice Film Festival


Dame Judie Dench’s latest movie has had audiences sobbing and clapping at the Venice Film Festival.

Directed by Stephen Frears, “Philomena” is based on the true story of an Irish woman who became pregnant as a teenager and was forced into a convent.

She had to give her son up for adoption and the film follows her search for him 50 years later.

“What I really hope with this film is that we tell her story and don’t sell her short in any way, because she is a really remarkable person,” Dench told reporters.

“Philomena” debuted at the 70th film festival alongside James Franco’s “Child of God.”

The chilling tale stars Scott Haze, who plays a lonely cave-dweller whose traumatic life twists him into a necrophiliac and murderer.

Kelly Reichardt’s “Night Moves” also premiered in Venice, a film about a group of radical eco-warriors who plot to blow up a dam.

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