Mexico march

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Mexico march

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Thousands have marched in Mexico City, protesting over the proposed reform of state oil company Pemex.

The country’s president, Pena Nieto, wants to allow private companies to explore and exploit Mexico’s natural resources, but to do this the country’s constitution would need to be changed.

Oil production has dropped by a quarter in ten years, and Pemex lacks the equipment to explore in deep water or extract shale gas.

Mexican actor and activist Daniel Gimenez Cacho voiced the protester’s concerns: “Modernising the energy industry, moving towards energy independence, doesn’t require changing the Constitution and removing the state from its production activities”.

Any move towards privatisation would take away one of Mexico’s proudest moments, former president Cardenas’ nationalisation of Pemex in 1938.

Current president Nieto will deliver his first state of the nation address in two days.